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The Process
The process for beta reading is similar to my review requests; authors may submit a query with a title, author name, a brief description of the book, and page+word count. Individuals interested in my beta reading services should also include the date they are hoping the reading will be completed by. Average wait time for a beta read is around 1 week, but shorter pieces are often done faster. Based on that information I will let you know whether I can take on the project.

It is important to keep in mind that I am not a professional editor, and my services should not be treated as such. I am not hunting for every spelling and/or grammar error, every misplaced comma or incorrect verb. If I happen to catch them, great, but that is not my goal. What I look for is problems the average reader would encounter when reading a novel, and overall context editing/commenting. Does this book have good flow? Are the transitions smooth? Are the characters real? Are there any plot flaws? I also look for formatting errors, structural problems and awkward sentences. I take detailed notes of problems I encounter as I read, and return them to the author either through the comment feature in MS Word, or in a text based format, including page numbers (where applicable), or line numbers where the error occurs. 

Because beta reading is so intensive for me, I do ask for a $5-$25 donation once I'm done reading your novel, unless I openly request to beta read for you. Unlike reviewing, I can spend an extra 2 hours compiling commentary alone, and it is a time consuming process. This donation is optional, and should be regarded as a tip more than a fee, but it is extremely appreciated and helps me continuing doing what I'm doing. To submit tips, please either ask for an invoice, or you can use the tip form at the bottom of this page. : )

All beta reads are confidential and the exchanges are between myself and the authors involved. I will never share the documents I have been sent unless directly requested by the author. On one last note, I typically refrain from reviewing books I've been a beta reader for, but I am always open to doing book features or author interviews. 

If you are still interested in my services, please contact me via the form below: Sometimes the form is temperamental, so you can also e-mail instead if you have problems.

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