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Steampunk Sparrow's Book Blog is not just about reviews. Some of our posts deal with other topics like subscription based services, what makes a good cover, and how to write a good review request. Below are some of those topics.

Negative Reviews Are Part of The Business
How do you write a negative review, and how do you receive one gracefully? Sometimes, it really is just business. 

For the Writers: Successful Book Blurbs
What makes a successful book description? What hooks a reader, and what just makes a mess?

Book Covers: Time to Get Critical
In this post, we look at some of the common problems authors face with book covers, from copyright issues, to aesthetic appeal. 

Review Requests: Tips and Tricks
What does it take to write a good review request? What are some things to be avoided? Here are some tips and tricks from my own experience filtering requests and writing them. 

Beyond the Book Pages
How does a book stand out in today's market? How to books build fan bases? This article looks at how media mix or transmedia marketing expands a books potential. 

E-Book Cost: How much is too much?
Price is everything when you're a reader, but it also matters if you're an author. What ebook prices work, and which ones don't?

Reading by Subscription
Subscription based services. Are they worth it?

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