Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Author News: Where Are They Now?!

Hey guys! Welcome to a special blog post which I'll just call, Where Are They Now? After reviewing books, I have had the opportunity to follow some of the author's events and happenings. This month I happened to get two cool updates, so I thought I'd share them with you readers while I continue to pluck my way through my reading list : ).

First up is Shannon A. Thompson. I had the chance to review Shannon's book Minutes Before Sunset last June (you can read that post here) Shannon just held a cover release for the second edition of her novel, and I'm pretty jazzed about the new look. If you know me, I'm pretty big on covers, and this one seems a lot more mystical, which is fitting:

Second on the update list is one of my favorite authors, Aaron Galvin. Aaron is about to release the sequel to his book Salem's Vengeance, which I reviewed last July (you can read that one here). The sequel is called Salem's Fury, which is now available to preorder. (liiiink) I got my paws on an early copy, and my review should be up here soon so I can get you all hyped for it ; ) .

Aaron will be attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books April 18th-19th to help with the promotion as well. He'll be there both days in Argue Plaza, booth #735, near the YA stage, so this is a fun chance to meet him and interrogate him about both of the Salem books as well as his other books, including Salted which I've been a fan of.

It's always great to see authors keep moving forward with their writing journeys, and I'm always happy to hear what they're up to next!

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