Monday, December 1, 2014

Blog Update!

Hi guys!

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a sort of reading list train-wreck that occurred this month. My daytime job sort of took over my life for a few weeks, and I'm trying my best to catch up, so I appreciate your patience with me. My reading list calendar is going to require some reshuffling, so I apologize for any confusion that may cause.

If you were NaNoWriMoing, I bet you were pretty busy too! I have enjoyed meeting new authors this month, and have been excited to see new writers embracing the November chaos. I've also had a handful of new beta reading projects come through, so it's been great to see some works-in-progress on their way towards publication.

While I have one new review about to be release, here's a little teaser present for the holidays in honor of that review. Aaron Galvin has recently released one of my favorite books from this year, Salted, as a free ebook. So get out there and grab that freebee!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for my upcoming review of the sequelWith a Grain of Salt.

Happy Holidays and let's get December off to a good start!

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