Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unsung Melody by Jasmine Bowen

Unsung Melody
Author:  Jasmine Bowen
Publisher:  Rascal Hearts
Pages: 150
Release Date: January 23rd, 2014 
Source: Kindle

Bard's Tale is the most successful musical theater company around, complete with paparazzi and world tours. Benedict, the younger male lead, is on top of the world, with girls in his bed every night, and all the best roles. His best friend, Jana, is Bard's Tale only regular female lead, and they have played opposite each other for 10 years, particularly close since tragedy struck the company and Ben's heart. But now, Jana is leaving, and the company has turned to reality TV to find a new lead. Ben is confident he will hate every choice, until he hears her sing. 

Melody is a community theater actress with big dreams, and a special place in her heart for Bard's Tale and Benedict. She has idolized both of them since she was young, and can't believe she is selected to audition for the show. But as the episodes go on, she finds herself at the center of Ben's unnecessary harsh judgement. Some-days, he's wonderful to her and some-days, he's cold as ice. What is it causing this change of heart, and can she turn it around, before it's too late?

Unsung Melody was one of the books I have picked up for free during an Amazon promotion, and I was really pleased with the find. The story follows Melody, a hopeful performer who entered the competition to become a member of Bard's Tale, and I found the story just the right mix of romance, drama, and fun. 

I may not be a performer, but I probably watch more musicals than is healthy for me. It was really fun picking up this novel and being able to laugh at some of the jokes and smile at some of the plays mentioned. While it initially sounded like pure romance, which may disappoint some people, I like that this story felt like a little "slice-of-life" as well. Part of the story was just about an actress trying to find her way. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it was just about the hunky co-performer you are already guessing she'll end up with.

All in all, I enjoyed this book and may pick up the sequel just to see what happens next. Came for the romance, stayed for the great story in the end.


  1. The cover of Unsung Melody is really intriguing. Coupled with your review, it has definitely persuaded me to pick up this book soon. Great review, Mati!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully you will enjoy it just as much. : )